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Fall '08

Most of my friends know that I have a handful of designers that I love:

Alexander McQueen, Betsy Johnson, and Ralf Lauren. Don't get me wrong; I know others exist. From the small up and coming designers, to the big over the top labels, to Target, I'm nowhere close to being elite.However, with the 3 that I mentioned above, I love them because of these reasons:

  • They are unique
  • They are consistant with their collections
  • They are unpredictibly predictable
  • You can actually wear it (Well...)

Just, can someone give me a red coat?

So here are a few highlights from their shows, that I absolutely absolutely love.
One of the reasons I love McQueen is because this man has been having a love affair with hips for as long as I can remember. Women have hips - and he remembers this.

Does anyone remember Bjork's Swan dress? I am slightly reminded of it here. Only, I find this much more beautiful. I love how McQueen reinvents the lace here. And the booties? I'd wear them in a heartbeat.
(Have you checked out the runway? It's actually made of satin. Sheesh. So, we've got the sheer, the black lace, and the satin!)
His theme this season was the Princess and the Prince, with a Russian flair. I say Turkish here, but whatever. This. Is.Beautiful. When she walks, it appears as if she is floating. Which, by the way, was the way royal women were taught to walk. Marie Antoniette was a master at it. She wowed the who French court with her walking abilities.

Betsey Johnson is crazy. And, I think that at her shows, I would have the most fun. At the end of every show, this woman cartwheels down the runway. I own two of her dresses, and as funky as some of her designs may look, they have the ability to stay classic. Her dresses fit so well! She got enough classy in her funk to make them wearable; and unforgivably cute.

Ok. Yes. That's all I have to say. And then these two:

And then of course, Lauren: (These don't really need explainations!)
Get me graduted!! So I can money to wear these. :)

Stay stylish!

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