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Sitting at the Mall

So I must confess, I had an hour to kill. When Amber gets bored, her imagination takes over.

I spent an hour after work sitting at the mall, and decided that I had been sent on a mission to spot "new trends". And to also to take a mental note on every shoe that passed by. (Even interviewed a few people, on demin. Thank you Lila!)

Newest trend that's not so new? Ugly shoes. Yes, men still try to pick up girls, and Victoria Secret hasn't quite gotten it right. It's a bit obvisous why their sales are down (apparel now). When catering your marketing twoards the 14-20's crowd, it may come as a supprise that they don't have $50 to spend on a bra. The plethora of stiched Coach bags almost led me down the path of depression. For me Coach represents my mother. I remember being a little girl and growing up thinking that all purses had Coach written on them. She owns 3, 4 if you count the backpack. All are made of soft supble leather, and her closet always had the sweetest smell because of them. However with the younger marketing, and the outlet stores (and TJ Maxx) everyone and their sister is carrying them. I see 10 year olds with these bags. Of course it's not the leather ones, its the multi colored, or two toned brown ones. I guess part of me can rest assured in this fact. Personally, I still want a Coach bag - only I want the kind my mother carried. Show me a classy lady, and I will show you a well made (dark) leather bag (the less hardware the better) with a Coach tag hanging from it (smiles to Stephanie). The bag pictured one of the bags my mother owns.

As I stated earlier, I took a a mental note of everyone's shoes. Now, I know I vented earlier about wearing Uggs out and about in hot and sticky weather - so it would make sense that people would wear...slippers/flip-flops out instead, right? In my whole 80 mintues sitting at the mall, only once did I see a pair that did a foot justice. I understand that they're easy to slip on, that they're comfortable, etc. But, they don't work. Not for your outfit, not for my eyes, not for your skirt, shorts, and certainly not jeans. Now when I say slippers, I'm talking those you bought from Old Navy, your Locals (outside the Islands of course!), the ones that have molded to the shape of your foot. Now if you're wearing the jeweled ones from Aldo, by all means sister! Walk on!


  1. I haven't seen that Coach bag before. But it is lovely! It looks so soft; like a real luxury to carry. I will agree that I am getting tired of seeing Coach bags. It's like they've become the Esprit of the '00's.

  2. Wow I love my shout out! lol

    that sounds like a lot of fun - going to a mall and people watching. someone once said that they hated walking the streets of paris because they felt so judged by all those sitting at cafes. All i could think was... "girl, than you are either too insecure or I am just too parisien because I never feel judged."

    Have you seen the ugly shoes to buy at macy's? I tried on a pair so ugly i joked with my friends to pay me for doing it. people where giving me the weirdest looks with just me walking around the shoe department in them. I miss style. I miss class.

    Keep posting. I love your perspective on fashion - you have an eye for it that I am blind in. and i like how you write about it. with attitude!

  3. Well thank you for the compliment! I thought that you would like the shout out, but honestly, I felt that it was due.
    Yes I have been to Macy's and see their ugly shoes. What is wrong with them? What is going on with Paris Hilton heels they are now carrying? Why has Macy's become known for it's ugly show department? Lol.
    I loved walking down the streets of Paris! My French teacher (born and raised in Paris) swears that every one judges every one, which just some how equals into "well, I don't really care what you think" mode for me.

  4. I would be happy just to own a Coach bag! Damn!

  5. It's just sad to me that so many people feel they MUST do what everyone else is doing (coach bags, flip flops, Uggs, and now these ugly mocassin boots) instead of what they like personally. they've traded personal style so that they don't have to risk standing out while walking past the onlookers. does this make you safe? and the more we follow the crowd the harder it is to know what we ever DO like!

  6. I couldn't agree with you more Sierra! I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people say "Ew, why are you buying that? It's ugly!" Only have a "well, it's in style!" as a response. What they are buying isn't "style", it's "fashion" and fashion should never dictate one's wardobe. (or thinking or wallet or worth.) I think you are correct in that we need to find a style that both compliments us and our ideals, and not what the world trys to dictate to us.


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