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This here be Texas, Y'all

Whew! I'm back from Texas y'all! This was my second time being to Texas; my first was when I went with ASA for Social Vice to Southwestern University. But, that wasn't in August, and back then my allergies killed me. This time it was a little more fun. We drove...and drove and drove! Holy cow! We flew into Austin, and then drove to Victoria. From Victoria we drove to San Antonio. From San Antonio, we drove to Dallas. From Dallas we drove to San Antonio. From San Antonio to Victoria. From Victoria to Austin. There was only one day out of that Thursday to Monday trip that we did not drive, and that was... Saturday.

For those of you who know Texas, you now know that about 70% of our trip was driving! Each of those places are about 3-4 hours away from each other. San Antonio to Dallas is about 6-7. Still fun none the less. I got to meet both sides of the family. However, it was under drastically different circumstances, unfortunately.

The wedding was beautiful! But let me just say that a wedding in Texas in August, outside at ten am, not the greatest idea. So glad I had my hat!

While in Texas I tried to keep my eyes open for trends that were popular down there. Since I was mainly on the outskirts or large cities, or in the country, it proved a little difficult. But let me say that the health movement was not one of them. On a corner shop in Victoria, there was a sign for burgers that read "Extra LG Greasy Cheese Burgers". I wanted to take a picture so bad.

We would go to restaurants, and there would be nothing vegetarian on the menu! Not even the cheese dip. When people heard that I was vegetarian, I received blank stares - like it was incomprehensible. One guy (a groomsmen from the wedding), wanted to know if I was going to drink that afternoon, and since I didn't feel like it, said no. When he found out I was vegetarian, he's all "What the f.ck do you eat?? No beer? No meat? That's my diet!" LOL. He forgot to mention cigarettes. Every 20 minutes. And, 7 pints of beer.

So, no health trends. One trend that I did see were these zebra and giraffe print bags:
They're plastic-like with ribbed texture along the animail print. I've seen them with color accents of electric blue, green, pink and then orange. The woman that I used to work for just ordered them for her botique about a month ago. They seem much more popular in Texas than California. At least for now.

While in Texas I saw some of the biggest Targets and Wal-Marts, and people, that I have ever seen. I saw some of the cheapest food and gas prices that I have seen in a long time! .39 cents for a bunch of bananas (not per pound), and $3.49 for gas. It's still over $4 over here. Let me just say that Texas made me realize how much I have really missed Lousiana. I forgot about the muggy air and the hospitality. I had forgotten about the lush thick greenery everywhere, and the crickets that sung me to sleep, and the mourning doves that woke me up. The south has a way of awakening a romance in you. However, the south also made me realize just how blessed I am to live in the state I do. And also how lucky I have been to have lived in the states that I have: California, Hawaii, Nevada. I don't know about the rest of NV, but Las Vegas has a pretty strong health movement, much like Hawaii and California. I don't think I could not live in a state where fresh produce is not only enjoyed but demanded, or where trans fat is evil and something to be feared.
I had a blast in Texas - but sitting here, eating my blackberry, banana and oversized shredded wheat, no sugar added, 100% whole grain breakfast, I am happy to be home.
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