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First off, I would like to say that I am a little bummed to the fact that I was not able to blog about this first. But I do offer a slightly different stance.

I love tights. I own your basic solid black, 3 different shades of pink, navy blue, tan with flecked gold, blue, and purple. I've got footless, lowrise, and wool. And, strangely enough, only the black ones have been bought here in the US. All others come from London.

So, in staying true to my tight-buying tradition, I humbly introduce you to Look from London tights.
I am in love with these tights!! They are absolutely stunning. I know where this weeks paycheck is going; London! Pair with a mobious scarf, and I'm set. Just think of all the outfits that could go from "good" to "wonderful" with these tights!

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