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Pucci Sands

The last couple days have been so incredibly beautiful, that Fermin's first thought this morning was beach and beach it was! It was wonderful! I decided to dress for the occasion. The headband I'm wearing was a DVF inspired DIY. I love how it turned out! There's sea foam green ribbons that hang down, but I'm not sure if you can tell.
Flowers and Pucci-inspired prints go well, don't ya think?

Check out the facial expression on this guy...

Dress; F21, headband; my DIY headband!


  1. Hey! Thanks for the comment. Hehe yes I am very thrilled that I'm able to self-make self-made things. I just wish I had time for more of it!

    Love the headband! It's so summery and gorgeous.


  2. Thank you! Hehe; that headband is where my self making abilities both begin and end.

  3. WELL it's 31 degrees today so not quite winter yet (think that's 100ish in farenheit!), but it's autumn in the southern hemisphere!

    Can't wait for winter clothes! Sick of all my summer stuff.

  4. oh wow!!! the view is incredible! i love the beach! and it seems it is summer in your place too! i hope the heat is not 35degress celcius though...thats too hot and yeah thats the weather here... i love your dress... i think i'll need something like that soon! :D love the prints and that head band in inspiring! i love that its bulky love the flowers!!! so summery! oh dont we love summer summer summer! :) btw, the pradas were a present hehe! followed your blog too! i likey! ;)

  5. Amber! A big THANK you for making my day. That's an insanely sunny, stylish and oozing with life post. Take me with you next time you go to the beach. Please?


  6. Awe! Thank you Ida! It was so warm, and wonderful. I will be sure to take you next time!

    Francheska; I cannot wait for summer!!! Oh, you have no idea!!

  7. Aww you look so fab in that dress! And that DIY headband looks amazing! Well done~

  8. How lucky you are to be near the beach! Love your flower head band and dress too!! Great photos looks like a lot of fun :)

  9. such fun shots! the view is amazing dear! thanks for sharing that with us.
    muah x

  10. What an absolutely gorgeous skirt!


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