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Salma's Twin

So it turns out that I did indeed survive my week of finals. Hurray!
Salma and I were twins today, except I added a vintage fur vest and cuter shoes (Michael Kors). The Lulu tee is from Palomita Clothing; I used to intern for them!
Yesterday I came across an amazing deal on amber jewelry (of which I am a big fan, for reasons I am sure you can guess!). I don't own any green amber, so I decided to buy my first piece. It's lovely! Sterling silver, and plenty of flecks.
My nail color is the "It Color" by OPI


  1. lol.. you have the same H&M bracelets.. and you have the same yellow nailpolish haha as i have.. :P
    xx helen

  2. LOL! hhmm.. i wonder what else we have that is similar?

  3. love that cute tshirt! and that ring is soo beautiful! I'm in love with amber:))) Fab colour on the nails as well:)

  4. Love it! Im so getting that nail polish!

  5. Awe - thank you HoneyBunny! I love amber too! I think it is lovely. Isn't that shirt cute? it's not that expensive either; you can find it though the link in the post.

    Hey Delmy! I think you should get the color; You will love it. I get so many compliments on it. :)

  6. no it's the it color.. but it looks a lot like it.. so far i like my nailpolish.. haha my parents think my nails make me look ill. i think it's just cool.. haha

    but anyway.. your yellow nailpolish looks better.. :)

  7. I am a big fan of those shoes....
    I know what you mean about slapping down the plastic sometimes. I think these boots might have to be a sneaky purchase while my boyfriends back is turned.

  8. well i live in holland, and i bought it there in a drugstore called Etos.
    so there's no label or something.

    and i bought my Yves Saint Laurent coat in a vintage-boutique, for only 30 euro's!!

    xoxo Helen

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. 30 euros!!! holy mess!!! that is AMAZING!!!

  11. Oh dear! I posted from the wrong period?? How embarrassing :-) Ah well, The Lady of Shalott is brilliant and I probably would have posted her anyways even had I known she was from the Pre-Rafaelite period :-)

    In love with your ring...just a little bit.

  12. you are the cutest thing ever <3


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