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An Ode to April

* I'm not pro war! It's my "raw" shirt. Who would have thought that raw would have made me
a Republican? (I joke!) Here are some pictures of my raw eats! The first one is coconut pudding with raspberries, and the second is a cantaloupe with blueberries, blackberries and Keefer and agave nectar.

I am caught up on pictures! Whew! Are you visually overwhelmed? I only know where my shoes and sweater came from: Shoes; F21, and sweater; Victoria's Secret. The skirt is corduroy, and my shoes have a woven rope texture. So much fun! Oh, and the lovely new Lockheart purse is from my wonderful boyfriends mother!


  1. whoa.. like your pink bag!!
    nice pics
    xoxo Helen

  2. Thank you Blicious! (I am loving those nails in your photo! They just POP!)

    Hey Helen! I like my bag too! I had never heard of the brand before, but since I own one now, I must say that I am a fan. :) They have a rose bag that is pretty cute; the handle forms a floral.

  3. You bag is absolutely adorable!!!

  4. Gorgeous pics! so spring0like! Love that jumper of yours, esp, the colour:D
    and I love raspberries so much:D

  5. cute photos. I really like your white skirt and bag.

  6. I love rasberries too!! Those and blackberries are my favorite berries ever. :)

  7. the food looks yummy and I love the colour yellow I iwsh it was sunny enough to wear it here!.

  8. hahaha this made me laugh (political jokes do)... I love the pink bag! x

  9. LOVE YOUR BAG! i just discovered Lockheart myself and now im obsessed! I'm saving up to get my first (hopefully first of many!) Lockheart bag!

  10. You know Daisy, yellow is quickly becoming one of my favorite colors. I never used to have any of it in my closet, and now it's just springing up left and right!

    Kelly - once you get your hands on a Lockheart, you will never want to let go - trust me!

    Frances - yeah, I felt pretty clever. ;P hehe


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