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iWant Shoes

These are a few items that I have been craving. I actually started a saving account for those Miu Miu's. Hey - you gotta start somewhere, right? And night, I actually dreampt about those pink Hunter boots. Promise.

I dream about fashion.

What do you dream about?

My dreams are full of beautiful possiblites - but when it came to getting dressed today, I was completely void of inspiration.


  1. Those Miu Miu shoes are really pretty. Hope your inspiration returns soon!


  2. I love the new Miu Miu collection it is simply beautiful! I have now developed the bird fascination too I even bought a jumper with the print on (obviously it wasn't Miu Miu though!)

    From Dolly

  3. lovely choice! i am in love with chanell sandals... they are cute!

  4. hi amber cute footwear i lik them all

    i dont have any dream ,
    have to dream now

  5. I want the miu miu shoes too! The print is stunning ;)
    OMG, i dreamt a nightmare this night, like a clown was purchasing me around a very big clock in London.. how crazy was it!


  6. I love the Miu Miu shoes, so georgeous:)

  7. Omg. I love all of this. Good luck saving up for the shoes. I can't wait to see you wear them when the day comes. xoxo

  8. Lately I've been dreaming of buying a home. ;)

    Midwest Darling

  9. Chanel jelly shoes!! eeeeeeyah!

  10. The grey duffel bag is amazing!

  11. Haha, the Miu Miu shoes are actually starting to grow on me, a tiny bit. But the bird print combined with massive chunky platform is still scaring me immensely!

    Butttt, the other shoes are beautiful and so is the Alexander Wang handbag! Oh to have endless monies...

    - Anna Jane xxx

  12. ah those miu mius are SO pretty! i love the bag in your post as well.

    i dream mostly about the proenza schouler ps1 bag. i will probably never own it, but i sure think about it a lot! ~joelle

  13. I dream about those Miu Mius all the time!

  14. Well, I better not share all I dream about, but sometimes it's fashion, too. The whole first 'batch' is superbe - great jacket! Want too! x

  15. Ah! the Miu Miu's they have to be the most coveted shoe collection of the season. I let out a little sigh each time i see them!!
    I hope u get them honey


  16. I often dream about food, kind of annoying actually:P

    I have seen Coco avant Chanel, excellent movie, but I actually liked Coco & Igor better:)

  17. Last night I kept dreaming that I had to find a new place to live...very nerve wracking and not very restful...

    I've started saving accounts for things that I want to buy...yes, you do have to start somewhere!

  18. hi amber i am fine how are you
    how is your life

    no new post are you getting busy

    take care amber
    happy weekend

  19. Ahh..Amber! You just put up all the itmes I've been dreaming about too! Love those gray shoes, I think I saw them on ASOS. xxoxoxoxo


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