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New-ness and Blogger Award!

DIY gray dress, DIY earrings, thrifted headband, target shades, gifted bag

 Today's outfit was pretty simple. Didn't feel like doing too much; but still wanted to have an edge. Ever have those days?
I made these earrings today. I just love them! I think the real feather puts the perfect touch on it. I have enough to make another pair; thinking of selling them on my Etsy...

The lovely Alma of 59 Inches of Fashion gave me a Blogger Award! Thank you so much Alma. (You're beautiful.)

For the award, I'm supposed to tell ten things about myself:
  1. I know it's strange, but other people coughing drives me absolutely nuts.
  2. I own two (2!) bracelets. Yes that's right...2.
  3. No one at work knows my real age. I keep giving them different ages.
  4. Every couple of months I get this...panic attack(?) And I clean out my closet, and dump nearly half of it at the local Goodwill. Weird, I know.
  5. I have finally gotten the Twilight fever. Read the first book in 7 hours. Now finishing the 2nd.
  6. I wash my face with olive oil. No soap.
  7. My cat won't drink milk. But she will drink my coconut milk. And eat marshmellows; however Red Vines are her favorite.
  8. I was born in Washington DC, and have lived in California, Louisiana, Colorado, Hawai'i, and even moved to France. By myself.
  9. I have created theme songs for both of my pets (guinea pig and kitty)
  10. I have never owned a car.

This blog award goes to the first 10 commenters! I value my readers so much!
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