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Red Vision

Erin Fetherston for Target silk dress

Leonor Fini. Hands down my favorite artist of all time. Some say she was a surrealist, others that she could not be defined by one movement alone. In truth, much of her and her art is a mystery. She loved cats - the original catwoman. She believed the female to be cat-like, mysterious and dangerous. Her mother disguised her as a boy until age 12 from fear that her father would kidnap her. She drove museum curators crazy with her antics, and believed men were best for lovers not husbands - although she married twice. She lived to be 99 years old. 23 cats attended her funeral.
The title of the post shares it's namesake with the first painting.

Musical artist Madonna used Leonor Fini (along with Kahlo) art as inspiration for her music videos:

You can view the video HERE.

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