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Velvet and Lace, Pearls and Feathers at Versailles

The Palace at Versailles is breathtaking. When you stop to remember that naturally, there weren't any large bodies of water in the area, you are blown away. The lakes, the fountains, the extensive gardens, it's incredible.
In the summer, Versailles is flourishing with flowers, butterflies, drenched in heat, and all the water fountains are buzzing with life. In the winter, there is a quiet mystery that hangs over the palace. The fog lends an air of curiosity to the grounds, and it plays with the imagination (in all forms of grandeur of course). The lace, embroidery, pink marble, gold accents, and black and white patterned floors and statues is overwhelming. It is impossible to take it all in.
Fun little side note? Over 6,000 paintings and 2,000 statues along with over 50% of the palace are closed off to the public. So as overwhelmed the visitor might be, much of it has gone unseen. (Like the kitchen. I want to see the where all the food was prepped! Can you imagine the armies it took to feed everyone?)

While at the palace I kept trying to imagine young Marie Antoinette arriving and her first impressions. I tried to imagine her fear as she escaped through the side door in her bedroom. I thought of the rustling of her dresses as she wandered the halls. I did my best to dress in the luxury of Versailles, while remaining warm, comfortable and not too over the top (of course some frivolity is to be aloud for the palace!).
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