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Wandering Around Le Palais du Louvre, in Sequins

The Musee du Louvre holds a very special place in my heart. Much like Versailles, I am enthralled and enraptured by Le Palais du Louvre. You see, I am quite the avid biography reader. Madame de Pompadour, Marie Antoinette, Madame du Barry, Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth, Cathrine de Medici....the list continues. For each I have listed, I have not read one but two biographies for each (3 for Marie Antoinette).
For me the Lourve holds secrets. It tells tales of Cathrine de Medici pacing the halls, underestimating the religious convictions of Protestants and Catholics. I hear the quick, quiet steps of Princess (then queen, and then princess again...and then queen again) Margaret of Valois (de Medici's daughter) running for her life through secret corridors. Louis the 14th packing up and moving out. I see the angry Revolutionary mobs racing by. Napoleon saving the building, designating it for art.
Every time I walked into a room I wondered, what was this room used for? Who sat here?
Well, for a small moment in time, I sat there.
Little fun note of interest? Ever wonder how the Rive Gauche became such a popular area in Paris? It was Margaret of Valois, daughter of Catherine de Medici who made it so popular. She turned it into a place of high fashion, little cafes (she nearly invented it), and loved to throw little themed dinner parties. Soon, her wealthy, trend following friends where moving to where she was, just to be closer!
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