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Backstage at Painted Dolls Fashion Show with Kathryn McCarron

Painted Dolls fashion show with Kathryn McCarron

About two days after my boyfriend and I touched down from Paris, my friend Megan and I headed into San Francisco to see designer Kathryn McCarron's Fall 2011 collection. (Last year I was invited to her studio to see her Spring 2011 collection. Read about that amazing experience HERE and HERE)
Getting dressed for the show was much easier than anticipated, because I already had a piece from the designer - a loose cut jersey knit and lace shoulder exposing top (!!!). The piece is already a favorite item of mine, and I was so excited to be able to wear it to the show (And when said top walked down the runway a little later that night, I stood up a bit taller, just to see if any one would notice.)

While heading into the city, I kept trying to create in my mind what McCarron's newest designs were going to look like: more lace? Were there going to be dresses? Draping jersey? Knits? I went confident that what ever walked down the runway, I was instantly going to want.
It had been nearly six months since I had seen Kathryn, but you never would have never known. She located me in a crowded room, and stepped away from the chaos that all fashion shows posses to say hello and give hugs. Warm, sweet personalities are rare jewels these days, and Kathryn is as genuine as they come. 
Kathryn McCarron's pieces are among my favorites because they are wearable. Once a piece is on, you're not constantly looking for a reflection to see if anything needs fixing, or tugging because a skirt is trying to reinterpret itself as a belt. Her pieces make you feel sexy and unique, while remaining understated. I don't know how she does it, but she does it. Time and time again she brings out the best in feminine qualities; reinterpreting fabric, giving a timeless effortless feel all while creating a personalized option to dressing that all women crave.
See highlights of her newest, current collection below.

Kathryn McCarron [center] with her beautiful models //photo credits: Novi Angelomio, used with permission of Kathryn McCarron
Beautiful collection Kathryn!

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