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The Twitter Bubble [Resources]

If you are like me, you most likely have a Twitter account. The seemingly endless cat/mouse game of the whom is following whom (i.e me) can seem daunting. And, by daunting I mean walking in six inch heels on a slanted cobblestone street. 
I have had my Twitter account for a few years now. In fact, I started it before I graduated college. Back then, I didn't really care about how many followers I had. However that outlook has now changed with my blog: I am seeking to use it for networking purposes and keeping in touch with other bloggers and readers (such as you!). 
A few weeks ago, it all seemed so easy: like dangling a pair of JC shoes out a window with a sign that said "FREE". I gained 50 followers in a 24 hour period and that continued for 4 days. Not bad, right?
Then they all disappeared. Gone. I would tweet followers that I no longer had. Where did they go? Sure, I had no idea why a news anchor from Texas was following me, but I sure wasn't complaining. Except, said Texan was now no longer following.
When you gain a new follower, do you follow back? In some cases, I did. I felt it was polite, after all. In most cases what I would do was send an @ message to new followers saying thank you. Tweeters like to have their name re-tweeted. Free press!
What I have noticed (a trend?): a mass random following with the purpose of gaining new followers, and then dropping all those random people. A quick, sure fire way to up your numbers. This method begs the question: how true is your network? Chances are, not very. Sure, I would love to have thousands of followers, but I also would love to have a network of like minded people who share some common interests. Like cupcakes? GREAT! We've got a little something to chat about.
How does one network? I know that there are several different answers to this: I have been tweeted to "Wake up and tweet", to "tweet around noon", etc. For me the answer is to get outside. Reach out, make connections with local interests in your area. Talk about your Twitter, your facebook. Do you have business cards? Something with both your face and contact info? Awesome. Sure, it's going to feel awkward the first couple of times. But, it felt awkward when you took your first outfit photos outside too, didn't it?
With that all said, I want to give you some resources that I have provided helpful for me:
 You're loosing followers. But who? This e-mail service will tell you who. Feeling sad about your loss? They even provide counseling.
You're trying to build your network: who are you following,  and who is not following you back? This site helps you keep track.
Automatically sends a tweet of your new blog post. One less step!

I hope this info offered up some insight for you!
Happy Tweeting!
Oh, and PS follow me on twitter!

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