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Ok - you're freaking me out

Now, I love my readers - but one of you in particular is seriously freaking me the F out. Just what are you doing? In less than 5 minutes you downloaded over 20 photos of me - ME, not outfit detail shots. This is making me rather uncomfortable - please stop. Please take this as my first and only warning. If it continues to happen I will post your IP address, country, region, city, and service provider. Even if you change your IP address and service provider I will still be able to find you - and when I do, I will also post your profile. 
This is my blog, my work, my creativity - if what you find here inspires you, wonderful! I take that as a compliment, and I welcome it. Heck - download a photo or two - use it for ideas. Recycle the editorials! However a mass downloading of me and my outfit posts like this signals a red flag. Please stop.


  1. how can you even figure out who that is? that's awesome--- i get crazy stalkerish comments on my blog and just delete them, but didn't know there was a way to see where they actually come from!

  2. wow
    how did you do that ? thats scary sorry girl, hope this creep stops

  3. WOW in five minutes?!? That sounds like a computerized spammer, but I'm not sure why a spammer would be interested in your photos...

    Or, it could be a stalker. A guy who is obsessed with you?

    I just can't think of a rational explanation. It's too bizarre and creepy! :S

    I hope you find the perp soon...I'm sorry you have to go through this, hon. xo

  4. Thats' creepy! It's what i fear most about blogging, people saving my photos I post and using them for different things. Good luck :/

  5. omigosh...that's pretty creepy. You always hear about these scary stories, I hope things work out!!! http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

  6. Super creepy! I hope you can get this taken care of!


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