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"I said don't stop, Do punk rock!" by Jennifer Fabulous [Guest Post]

Hello readers of Amber's Mouthwash! I am Jennifer Fabulous, one of the coolest bloggers in the entire world. (I'm not vain, just realistic.)

I have been through a roller coaster of emotions recently regarding this awesome blog. I was at first selfishly devastated that my bff Amber was taking a break. Then, I felt compassion that she needed a break. And then I was super duper excited that she wanted me to guest post while she was on the break!

I'm mentally exhausted now.

Today, I'm going to talk about a really fabulous style icon: Debbie Harry.

This blonde bombshell was the lead singer for the New Wave band, Blondie.

Her icy blonde looks, melted with a subtle sexuality and devil-may-care attitude, made her one of the hottest musicians on the punk rock scene.

While most people trivialize 80s fashion to the overdone fishnet styles of Madonna and the legwarmers phenomenon of Flashdance, the true grit of the era was defined through Debbie.

This glam punk princess saw no boundaries when it came to fashion. She never tried making a statement, she simply threw on whatever felt right. One night she would strut the stage wearing tattered jeans and a t-shirt. The next night, she would wear a tight dress that barely covered her lady parts.

She was adamant not to be seen as a fashion icon. Unfortunately for her, Debbie's style was far too eye-popping not to be noticed.

Despite her nonchalance to fashion, Debbie had a look every young women was desperate to imitate in the early 1980s.

With her pouty red lips, platinum blonde hair, and smoky eyes, she was Marilyn Monroe on heroin.

Not bad for a woman who was already well into her 30s.

Debbie got a late start on the music scene. Upon graduating high school in 1963, the gorgeous blonde was a waitress, secretary, and Playboy Bunny, before forming the rock band, Blondie, in the mid-1970s.

It wasn't just the number one hits and millions of records sold which made Blondie a worldwide sensation. The group created a new sound, by fusing disco beats with punk rock. It joined together two completely different audiences which would otherwise have not been combined. As disco was dying and punk rock was being born, they were pioneers on the music scene.

They also heavily influenced the music video revolution, paving the way for MTV to form in 1980.

Debbie became the bad-ass darling of America. She rubbed elbows with the most famous people in the world at Studio 54 and became a muse for Andy Warhol.

And she became one of history's greatest fashion icons. Whether she liked it or not.

The end.

Oh, and if you liked this post, you should check out my blog "I know, right?" Thanks!

Some of my readers may already be familiar with Miss Jennifer Fabulous, for I have been lucky enough to have her guest blog for me earlier this year! She was my first (and only!) guest to ever write for Amber's Mouthwash, and to be honest, I wouldn't mind giving her a permanent spot here on the blog. She has such an amazing spirit, and I am so happy to have her here again on the blog. To see her earlier post (which is equally just as fabulous), click HERE. Also, fabulous points to the reader who can tell me which Blondie song the title quote is from!

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