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I'm going to be going offline for a while. I've found that sometimes my happiness and quality of day depends too much on the number of hits Amber's Mouthwash gets per day/month, comments, or if a high profile blogger posts an outfit similar to mine before I do. Not too healthy I think.
Twitter, Facebook and whatever else will most likely go silent as well. It won't be a complete sign-off, probably just sporadic-visitation. Perhaps someone would like to guest blog for Amber's Mouthwash for a while? I've put in 3 years at this blog and would hate to see it all fade away. If so, send me an e-mail, and you can take over while I'm gone.
I truly value all my readers, and it really REALLY means a lot to me the support that you have given me. Please don't get me wrong - I'm not in the least complaining about my blog, or about my readers. I simply think that I have gotten caught up in a needless numbers game. That's not why I got into blogging, so I am simply trying to regain my morale. I will be back! Just need a breather. I would however love to post any guest-posts or articles you send my way. Just send me an e-mail at: ambersmouthwash@gmail.com 

On a rather ironic note, yesterday while at the mall with Megan, I was recognized! A guy came up to me in a store and said "Excuse me...but I feel like I have seen you before..Do you - are you- do you have a website?" HA!

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