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French Lessons: Kings of Pastry

Welcome to Amber's Mouthwash bi-monthly French lesson! We are now on la troisième post. The last post was on all things mini in Elancourt, France and now we are moving on to the Kings.
No, this post won't be on Louis XIV, or even the XVI (Although knowing me, one or both of  these will present themselves here on the blog). No, today we talk of the Kings of Pastry.

I recently saw this documentary last June, and loved it. It's a short film at just under 90 minutes about men who dream of nothing more than to become part of les Meilluers Ouvriers de France. For pastry chefs, this is the highest honor and privilege. Those who are awarded the honor are given the Meilleurs Ouvriers trois couleur collar to wear with their pastry uniform.  The men who are given this tri-color  honor, have worked hard. It means they are the best of the best. It means that they can take two simple ingredients like sugar and water, and make a 4 ft tall sphere of absolute grace and elegance.

I'm not going to lie. This documentary is a tear jerker, and I cried. Oui, c'est vrai. J'ai pleuré. Forget the foul mouths of Hell's Kitchen, or the time crunch of Iron Chef. This film will give you le respect fou pour le sucre. I never knew that ribbons, chocolate and almond gâteau's could be so stressful.
However amid the stress, there is much heart. The support of the mentors (those who have achieved their collars), the competitors themselves, and the families is heartwarming. In one particular scene, the encouragement of the mentors and with their watering eyes, brought tears to mine.
 There is no sobbing, no dramatic outbursts or firey tempers. Rather, a strong driving will from these men to simply succeed at something at something they are absolutely passionate about. It's refreshing.

Highly recommended! Rent it from your local library, order it from PBS, or if you have Netflix, find it on instant play!

For my next lesson, things are taking a turn for all things cheese-y. Remember to bring your wine! (ps - I know I said that last time. Mistake!)

PS: A warm welcome to Amber's Mouthwash newest reader, Pandora'a Box! So happy to have you here as a reader!
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