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Nail Polish Water Marbling, Summer Edition

Welcome to my first post of Creative Nail Week! This week, all posts will be nail polish related: you can expect fun tutorials, polish swatches and tips and tricks. My nail polish tutorials that I do here on the blog tend to be pretty popular (along with a guest post that I did), so I thought a whole week of these posts would be fun!

To create a look similar to the one above, you will need:
  • A disposable cup, filled with water
  • Tape
  • A toothpick, or something similar
  • 3-5 nail polish colors (or use black and white!)
  • Nail polish remover 

    Colors used: (from outer edge to center) OPI Charged Up Cherry, OPI Flit a Bit, China Glaze For Audrey

    Once you have a design you like (don't worry about getting super technical), carefully dip/submerge your finger into the polish design. If excess polish starts to come up as you remove your finger, gently use the toothpick to "shave" off the excess.

    A few tips:
    • If you don't want to spend hours removing excess polish, tape down to your knuckle. Also, try not to dip your finger in at the center of the cup; try the edge. 
    • Tape as close as possible to your cuticle!
    • Make sure your cuticles are clean, and you have no hangnails 
    • Use q-tips to remove excess polish
     Happy Marbling!

      PS A big welcome to Lara, my newest follower, from the Il Mondo a Modo Mio blog!


      1. Hey lovely!
        Great post!!
        Thankyou so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment, I am so excited for thursday and saturday being my birthday eeee!
        I follow your blog, would love you to follow mine!

        Eda ♥

      2. THAT's SOOOO FUN !!! love it , Love your blog btw !wanna follow each other?

        have you seen my new look?
        http://v-fashionwise.blogspot.com/ !

      3. Thanks for sharing. Your tips are very helpful and your nails look amazing.

      4. So pretty! Thanks for sharing:)

      5. beautiful images. love the nail art going on here.

      6. HAHAHA
        NICE that was my 2nd idea haha i love this girl so fun
        do you watch andreaschoice ? you would love her channel.....anyway cute on you love the colors too
        opi ? FAVE

      7. I am absolutely going to do that! I can't believe that actually works - how awesome!

        Thank you so much sweetie for the beautiful comment on my blog <3
        I used to dance all the time and I am still in many musical theatre and drama productions - theatre is a passion of mine and I also love cabaret and burlesque, in the future I hope to work as a costume/ fashion designer so to see that come through as an obvious influence means a lot.

        I love your nail polish idea, if I do use it I will reference you on my blog... haha

      8. omg this is genius!! i love the colors u hv used..i am a bit worried about trying this, u seem like a pro, i might get the nail color everywhere except my nails..i better have tape upto my neck

      9. Ohmigosh I LOVE this idea! I am trying it out immediately! :)

      10. Hi Amber,
        I've been blogging for about 4 or 5 months now. Not that long :-) thanks for stopping by my blog ! you'e welcome anytime !


        I love the way this looks. It has me going crazy with lust. Nail lust. Lust over fingernails.
        I bet we could take over the world.

        Twitter: @GlamKitten88

      12. You are so creative!! I'm loving your blog so much!


      13. Dare I ever suggest you should change your subject matter Amber? I just have a hard time feigning an interest in nail varnish. (Guess I'm not the target audience.)


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