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Sheer Blouse, Layered with Lace

H&M sheer blouse, F21 lace top and skirt, CK flats, YSL makeup bag

This week I came across a woman who had beaten the odds. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer, she went through chemo, and came out a survivor. A short time after conquering that destructive disease, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. This time her days are numbered. She had come into the boutique I was in with her husband and small child to pick out an outfit for a family photoshoot that may very well be her last. With her joy and laughter, an outsider would never have known.

While she was being helped, a pregnant woman, due in 4 weeks entered the store.

The entire situation struck me hard. So hard that I had to step off the floor a moment and brush back tears.  I have no words of wisdom or deep insights. No revelations or discovery. What I can tell you is that for me, that moment, that day, will be forever ingrained. It has changed me in ways I do not yet know.
Take joy in life. Please, be kind to one another. You never can never know the darkness another may be in, and what light a small act of kindness can bring.



  1. Such a moving story. it makes me appreciate every passing day, thanks for sharing

  2. Moments like this don't just happen, there's always a reason even if it's not readily evident. I will be forever convinced of this. Why these people? Why your shop? Those two women, one whose light will fade and another soon to usher in a life which will feel its first rays of sun, will never be aware of how deeply their convergence has affected you. Moments as this are few and far between, and though sometimes very hard to deal with they are always a blessing. Always. They cannot be articulated because they're not meant to be, they can only be felt. We honour them by realizing their significance, by allowing these feelings to course through us and holding them in a safe place to be nurtured and paid forward when the time is right. It may be years from now or sooner as you've done, reminding us all of how fragile life is. How important it is to rejoice in our ability to paint each day anew with those we love.

    Just as my car accident had a profound affect on me I think you may very well find what you've taken from this experience will resonate within you for some time. And although there's a certain sadness that accompanies this I think you'll also find yourself thankful these people touched your life.

  3. Love your sheer/lace combo!

    It is indeed small moments and encounters with others that make us appreciate everything.

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. That is so sad. She sounds strong, being able to keep a positive attitude a laugh despite her situation.

    Between the two different customers, I guess life is really put in perspective right there...

  5. I love what you wrote!It happened to me too! we have this amazing gift called "life" and we must enjoy it!

    Sending hugs from far far away!

  6. That's quiet a heartfelt story Amber. I was gonna leave a smart-ass comment as usual but have lost the mood.

    Cool blouse.

  7. Such beautiful and moving story. Thx for sharing doll. Great shirt.

    <3 Marina

  8. I cant over your skirt, I love it! Great combination! Loooks beautiful :) and wow what a moment, what a special moment, sometimes you need little things like that to open your eyes and wake up! so very sad yet moving!

  9. Great post +followed


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