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Smart is Sexy Sunday's : Pathways

When I was a little girl, my "bed time stories" used to come from Astronomy: Discovering the Universe. Each chapter focused on a different lesson. I would learn about the massive storm on Jupiter ("the size of our planet?" "Yes!"), atmospheric pressure, and about the light of stars. Not your traditional bedtime ritual, I'm sure. However I loved it.

When we moved to Hawai'i, my biggest obsession was visiting the Mauna Kea Summit Observatory. With the clear skies of Hawai'i, I could point of the alignment of planets and stars. The windy skies of Waimea were forever changing; clouds soaring by, rain that came and went...rainbows.

Today that love has blossomed into a passion for physics, philosophy, mathematics and metaphysics. I love asking "how" "what if" "how do you know that you know" and sometimes..."wtf?".
Today for Amber's Mouthwash Smart is Sexy post, I wanted to give you some images to contemplate. For me, this is a "how freaking amazing is this?!" moment.
These two photos below are photos of neural pathways. Neural pathways are part of your nervous system in the brain. Different neurons serve different purposes. Some travel longer distances than others. However, they all use a pathway.

These two photos are of different galaxies in our known universe. Quite similar! Galaxies, which are made up of stars, gasses, dust and stellar remnants - all held together by gravity and the all-illusive dark matter, are still somewhat of a mystery to us. Much like our brains, there are still many things for us to learn about these celestial formations.

Whoever said "the universe is inside you" might have had something. Of course, we also have the universe all around us, in several senses of the word. Just ask designer Christopher Kane. Curiously, his items seem to have their own gravitational pull -  It's just a shame that the dark matter in my wallet doesn't produce the funds to purchase these masterpieces.

Have a beautiful Sunday!


Ps A lovely welcome to my newest reader, Iris! Thank you so much for being a reader of Amber's Mouthwash!
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