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Guest Post: The Golden Girls, by Jennifer Fabulous

Hey everyone, it's Jennifer Fabulous from I Know, Right?.

Before I begin, I just want to thank Amber for giving me the opportunity to guest post on her blog. Although I can't be on that fabulous cruise to Mexico with Amber, being on her blog is the next best thing! ;)

Now on to the post!

One of my favorite television shows is The Golden Girls.

Here is an overview of the show for some of you younger readers:

The Golden Girls television show centers around four older ladies who share a house in Miami. The owner of the home is Blanche Devereaux, a widow in her fifties. She is joined by the sweet and naive widow Rose Nylund, the quick-witted and sarcastic divorcée, Dorothy Zbornak, and Dorothy's sharp-tongued Italian mother, Sophia Petrillo.

Since this show is about four old ladies from Florida and was filmed during the tacky 1980s, it hasn't exactly been a fashion inspiration for many girls.

But I believe it should be.

Each character on the show has her own sense of style that defines her personality. And I can see Golden Girls influence everywhere!

Below, I have reconstructed each Golden Girl's style into a youthful, fresh look that could easily be worn today.

And who knows, you may have already rocked Golden Girls style and not even known it!

Let's begin:

Blanche Devereaux

Senior citizen sex kitten Blanche Devereaux glamped up the Golden Girl set with over-sized sequin tops, shoulder pads, and rhinestones galore. The saucy southern belle, who always has her mind in the gutter, was definitely the most glamorous of the girls.

Here is how today's girl could wear the red sequined look from above:

Blanche Devereaux

This would be a very cute look for a night out on the town, don't you think?

Here is a celebrity who has recently rocked Blanche Devereaux style:

Dorothy Zbornak

As a no-nonsense substitute teacher, Dorothy always dressed casual, yet authoritative. You could often catch Dorothy draped in a loose blazer and sleek pants. Her cool outfits always fit her dry-humored personality.

Let's see how today's girl could wear the famous Dorothy outfit from above:

Dorothy Zbornak

I, personally, would love to own this outfit. Wouldn't you?

Here is a celebrity who has recently rocked Dorothy Zbornak style:

Rose Nylund

Sweet-tempered Rose was always the butt of every joke in the Golden Girls household. Dim-witted and nostalgic for her hometown, St. Olaf, Minnesota, Rose was the ultimate grandmother icon. She was kind and gentle, yet easily confused and frightened. She often wore matronly long-sleeved silk dresses.

Here is how today's girl could wear the lovely blue Rose ensemble from above:

Rose Nylund

I think this look perfectly embodies Rose's elegant style. Do you agree?

Here is a celebrity who has recently rocked Rose Nylund style:

Sophia Petrillo

Sophia joined the girls when her retirement home burned down. Filled with outrageous stories about her childhood in Sicily, Sophia was definitely the most entertaining character on the show. She taught the girls' lessons about life over a pot of her famous homemade spaghetti, and also chastised them with her fiery temper. Her grandmotherly style involved comfortable clothing items, such as soft cardigans, slacks, old-fashioned dresses, and pajamas.

Here is how today's girl could wear Sophia's outfit from above:

Sophia Petrillo

Not bad inspiration from an elderly grandmother, is it?

Here is a celebrity who has recently rocked Sophia Petrillo style:

So what do you think of Golden Girls fashion? Which Golden Girl's style do you like best?

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