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Answering a Question: Adidas

I always enjoy reading all of your comments. They make me smile. So whenever I get a direct question I get a little giddy. Yesterday I received a question from a fellow blogger. Question and Answer below:

'Tis true that while wearing more than one scarf might be seen as greedy, I would like to rename the term as economical. Not only am I doubling up on my heat source, but I am also entertaining the idea that I just might possibly be burning extra calories.
Speaking of burning calories, let's talk about exercise and the new sneakers (I believe you call them 'trainers' in your world - wink) that you are contemplating. Are they actually vintage Adidas, or are they 'new' Adidas that are modeled after a vintage pair? If they are actual vintage, I say run. As in away. Vintage shoes that have been worn extensively are bad. bad for your back, your feet and for any future romantic interests. (You could fix this by having the insoles replaced, but I wouldn't suggest you working out in them.)

However if the Adidas shoes are new, you might be okay. I myself don't think of Adidas as a very supportive workout shoe. If you are running, lifting weights or cross-training, you will most likely find that you will need some more support. Your knees and your back will certainly thank you for having it. I do however commend you for wanting to remain ever-so-stylish while breaking a sweat! If you do decide on purchasing the shoes I suggest purchasing supportive insoles that come with adhesive. That way you can get the support and comfort you need, while still sporting your awesome vintage soles. (Oh and please do send a photo!)

I hope that helps!
Always feel free to ask questions :)



  1. Wow. You sure know your stuff Amber. You’re like the fashion Oracle of Delphi... only you happen to reside somewhere in California.

    After reading your advice, I have decided that it is not feasible to put fashion before prudence. Alas, the Adidas SL 72 trainers (sorry, sneakers) will no longer be an option for me. (They do look dreamy though Amber: http://www.amazon.co.uk/adidas-Mens-Trainers-Green-Black/dp/B005IUHML2/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1328021708&sr=8-6.)

    However, I am now in a quandary. Your chastisement of the Adidas brand has given me pause for thought. You opine that Adidas footwear is not beneficially supportive, yet you provide no alternatives. Perhaps this is because as a lady, you may feel that bloke footwear (I believe in your world you may refer to it as ‘dude footwear’) is exclusively the domain of men, and therefore, it will be a form of male empowerment for me to select my own choice of suitable gym trainers.

    Consider me empowered Amber. Adidas has lost out on a sale thanks to your diligent guidance. Your advice may have affected their bottom line this quarter (every dollar counts). I, and other Mouthwash readers, will probably now think of Adidas as an inferior brand from here on. It’s scary to think that you wield such consumer power. Adidas should commission a cyber investigation team to monitor your blogging habits.

    Nonetheless, I am much obliged that you offered me such sagacious counsel. I will continue looking for adequate trainers, though so far they all look boring and expensive. Wish me luck Amber.

  2. haha i think wearing more than one scarf is cool! i really like to layer up my outfits but too bad that Singapore is just too freaking hot for layers! It's summer all year!


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