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Duo Scarves

Just last week I was waxing poetic about the rain and all the warmth it brought to my little heart. Well, it's gone now. This past Friday the weatherman on the news tried to tell me it was going to rain for the next 90 days. Does that sound right? I mean, I've had the weatherman tell me it was bright and sunny when it was gray and overcast. Needless to say, the rain boots that I was so excited about purchasing (finally decided on yellow) are now on hold.

Forever 21 blazer & blouse // vintage leather Coach bag // American Apparel velvet leggings // Blondo boots // scarves

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I will hopefully have some photos to share with you soon from mine!


Shruti Carol said...

I have been going through your old posts and cannot help but notice you have at least color which stands out in every outfit and one gorgeous statement jewellary. Do I even have to mention which one. ;)
This one is gotta be my favorite.


CC said...

Such a cute bracelet! :) Well, here it's snowing and I'm way too excited about it :D hihi

Shybiker said...

That scarf is really pretty. With so much rain on the way, I think it's time to build an ark. :)

Eda. said...

So so pretty darling, hope you had a fabulous weekend too


Eda ♥

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Tights Lover said...

Don't even get me started on weathermen. I don't know why I ever listen to them.....

You look great. I love how the scarf ads a splash of bright color to your look!

Bonnie said...

Check out the scarf action! Looooveee ittttt. I have been thinking about doubling up on scarves lately because it has been so cold. Besides, Mr. A always tells me, "Why do you have so many scarves? You can only wear one at a time." I will prove him wrong.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Movies on my Mind said...

A 'Duo Scarf'? That sounds like you're being greedy Amber, going for two when one is suffice.

Also, I have a fashion question for you. I would like to buy new trainers (I believe you call them 'sneakers' in your world), but should I go for style over substance? I like this vintage Addidas pair but I'm worried they won't be much good for working out in. But I do know I'll look seriously cool wearing them though. What's a boy to do?

French Girl in Seattle said...

Rain for the next 90 days? You don't live in Seattle, do you, Amber? ;-) Like you, I am attracted to bright colors. I especially like that gorgeous yellow scarf, and your bright red lipstick. A winning combination (accessories are not too shabby either.) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Meri said...

I love that bright yellow, its making me happy!

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