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For today's Sunday Post I thought that I would share a few of my favorite posts with you. All of these mean something special to me, and I wanted to share them with you!

Shopping in Monaco took all of my willpower to create. Believe it or not, this trip to Monaco was a heartbreaking one for me to make. It was September 2009 and I had recently moved out to the South of France with the hopes of staying for (at least) a year. Within a month I had to return home. I was so hurt and so discouraged that I had to force myself to keep my head held high. I took a day trip to Monaco to take my mind off things, and I took the trip as a last "hurrah" before I had to leave. I had nowhere to sleep that night, and I was to catch a plane to London the next morning. The night that followed my day trip to Monaco was hell: it was spent cold, sleepless and without a bed - but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Ivanhoe, CA is literally in the middle of nowhere. There are no malls, but there is a Wal-Mart. I think. It is a large farming community and many of those who live there have there own vegetable gardens that they actually use! It was love at first sight. In the summers this place in the middle of California can get to scorching temperatures, and has 88 degree nights. The heat literally takes your breath away. Ivanhoe also has a beautiful lake that sits like a sparkling hidden jewel between mountains. I can't wait to go back! Funny fact? Google Ivanhoe, CA and my blog pops up - images and all!

Alma Mater turned out to be a post that many of you could relate to. In this post I share with you how I returned to my college after being away for a few years. I didn't see any familiar faces, many of the buildings that I knew inside and out (and took secret rendez-vous in) were changed and remodeled. It took a minute for some of my teachers to recognize me. In this post I found myself questioning if one could ever really return home. 

Spontaneity in White is a favorite of mine for exactly what you see above. This gentleman who you see is a perfect stranger. A perfect stranger who asked me to dance right there on the sidewalk. How could a girl refuse?

I hope you enjoyed reading through some of my favorite posts! If you click on the links they will lead you to the original post. Happy Sunday!


  1. This was just lovely!! It's little pieces of you in one post. I must say I am super jealous you went to the South of France. I have never dreamt of going to Paris but I have always wanted to go to the South of France. There is something about it. As for your Alma Mater post-I LOVE that outfit you wore and the last post was soooo adorable.

  2. The colors in your Ivanhoe post are incredible, whether watermelon or umbrellas. I love how full of life your blog posts are. Its refreshing. Cheers!

  3. Your personal recaps were so touching. I lived in Rome for a while, and it was heartwrenching to have to leave. We wanted to stay for so much longer, if not forever! Monaco sounds amazing. I've never even been there for one day.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. Great recap of some great posts!


  5. great post idea! I want a random stranger to dance w me on the street! :)


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