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The Crazy Pant/s

This past weekend I went up north to spend a lazy and surprisingly warm afternoon with my sister. We drank root beer floats, tried on hats, and even colored a little bit. Sometimes it's nice to remember the simpler things in life, and not have feel like you're trying too hard.

Can I be honest with you? I love these boots. But this has got to be one of the most abusive relationships I have ever had with a pair of shoes. When I first put them on, there is a fiery-ice cold burning/tingling sensation that goes through the top-half of my right foot. It usually lasts for about five minutes (that's right - contrary to common sense, I don't remove the shoe). I don't think men should be allowed to design women's footwear. They obviously don't care about the comfort level.

Oh - how do you like my pants?! HAHA When I spotted these I was like "YESSS" and my boyfriend was like "NOOO - don't you dare. Amber, you wouldn't..." And then Amber did. And Amber loved it. Still does, actually. I thought they'd be my "man repellers" but, they seem to have the opposite effect actually. Bizarre.

Brandy Melville sweater // Liv Fashion Boutique bag // crazy pants: thrifted // Alexander Wang boots
Oh! I almost forgot to mention: I got a new haircut! (Shout out to Barry!)
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