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The Crazy Pant/s

This past weekend I went up north to spend a lazy and surprisingly warm afternoon with my sister. We drank root beer floats, tried on hats, and even colored a little bit. Sometimes it's nice to remember the simpler things in life, and not have feel like you're trying too hard.

Can I be honest with you? I love these boots. But this has got to be one of the most abusive relationships I have ever had with a pair of shoes. When I first put them on, there is a fiery-ice cold burning/tingling sensation that goes through the top-half of my right foot. It usually lasts for about five minutes (that's right - contrary to common sense, I don't remove the shoe). I don't think men should be allowed to design women's footwear. They obviously don't care about the comfort level.

Oh - how do you like my pants?! HAHA When I spotted these I was like "YESSS" and my boyfriend was like "NOOO - don't you dare. Amber, you wouldn't..." And then Amber did. And Amber loved it. Still does, actually. I thought they'd be my "man repellers" but, they seem to have the opposite effect actually. Bizarre.

Brandy Melville sweater // Liv Fashion Boutique bag // crazy pants: thrifted // Alexander Wang boots
Oh! I almost forgot to mention: I got a new haircut! (Shout out to Barry!)


  1. I really love every bit of this outfit! You styled it so nicely. The pants are simply awesome!!

  2. Wow!!! I was a "smidge" apprehensive about your new hair cut...okay, so maybe a little more than a smidge. Sure it's irrational coming from someone
    you'll never meet, but I will forever associate this hair with you. Like Monet's waterlillies. Streisand's nose. Amber's curls. I checked your post before work this morning and what a great surprise this is! The cut works on you 'Ber, your hair looks healthier and fuller...stylish and mature yes, but still playful.

    As for the shoes, I agree that some designs just seem cruel and are designed for style rather than comfort but if they hurt your feet you still have a choice on whether to wear them. These are outrageous and look great on you, I just hope they won't have any adverse affects.

    The "crazy pants" make a statement that tells people you celebrate who you are and are comfortable being noticed. As with Fermin it would take me some getting used to them. But they're unquestionably you and typify what first drew me, a sense of style which is not only unpretentious but presented with a smile. You so obviously enjoy these clothes, I smile every time I
    read posts like this.

  3. I REALLY like those pants. It's funny when the boyfriends don't like certain things...hehehe. They don't have a choice but to roll with it.

    Anyway, lovely outfit and sooo chic! You look fabulous in hats :)



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