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Yellow and Black Birds with Frida

Forever 21 dress (old) and scarf // H&M vest // purse purchased in Puerto Vallarta
It's the quirky items in my closet that get me out of my pajamas in the morning. For me there is no greater joy than having an item that requires a second look, or have a child take a glance, and then curiously whisper in her mother's ear. I have been stopped on the bus, the sidewalk, and even followed because of quirky items (but not in a creepy way!).

I found this Frida Kahlo bag while visiting Puerto Vallarta. I have a strange fascination with her; her painting haunt me. Yet at the same time I have always tried to ignore her. The woman moved to New Mexico for goodness sake. Who does that? (Georgia O'Keeffe.)
But I also love Miss O'Keeffe. 
So maybe I need to move to New Mexico.

I should probably say that I have nothing against New Mexico. Well, I do...but it's completely based on nothing. I've never even been! Have any of you been there? Do you live there? Do you have a fascinating story about the state? Better yet, how did this become a post on New Mexico, and not the Frida Kahlo bag? (Or the birds in flight on my dress? Or the fact that I have a small Japanese town printed on the bottom of it?)

Thank you for reading!

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