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Sheer Dresses and Rust-y Walls

Lush Dress // Express cardigan (thank you Megan!) //Forever 21 scarf // Coach Bag // Target shoes


Yesterday I was feeling rather under-accomplished. It's only natural, I suppose. With the emotional roller coaster that the Holidays so often are for me, when the craziness dies down and I am left to fall back into old routines, I start to question myself and my goals. As many of you may know my ultimate desire and goal in life is to spend at least a year in France. I actually want to move, and live there. With the departure of a friend of mine back to France (she is from France, and wants to live here in my town just as much as I want to live in France), my heart broke a little. I knew how much she didn't want to get on that plane back home.

Writing about this actually gets me a little teary eyed. Sometimes I feel like I am afraid of my own success; making excuses for myself - as if I am afraid to charge ahead and actually grab what I have been wanting for so many years. Yes I have obstacles such as finances (I withdrew from my France fund to purchase a new camera) that are hard to overcome. But they are not impossible, right? My dear friend Hala'i had a quote on her page that I saw this morning that read "There is no such thing as impossible. The very word says I'm possible" [Audrey Hepburn].  While sitting at work today, I noticed this necklace of ours:

So perhaps I need to stop being so hard on myself.


  1. Lovely pics...the second one is my fav..going back to those good old days..scampering and jumping around...:D
    I love they way you carry your curls ,I know very few people who can carry their curls so well..

  2. You look great lovely and your personality really shines through in your photographs!

    Eda ♥


  3. These photographs are adorable and I love the outfit!! The dress is really lovely!

  4. your dress is so cute! lvoe the mullet lenght in it! nice colors!

  5. That gorgeous yellow scarf makes the outfit. LOVE IT. ;)

    I'm sorry about your friend having to go back home. It's fascinating how the grass is always greener on the other side. Funny, Rian actually encountered this fiercely in the past few years. Ever since childhood, it has been his dream to live in India (he's a converted Hindu) because the place seems so magical and peaceful to him. However, he keeps making friends with Indian guys who came over to the US to "escape" India. Lol. It's very perplexing to him!

    You will get to France one day, Amber. I promise. In the not-too-distant future too. xoxo

  6. love this dress! xx


  7. You look lovely, love the colours!


  8. I feel like a nutjob for saying this, but that wall is gorgeous!


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