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Belize Photo Journal pt 2

I took this of photo of this little boy playing at the play grounds in the plaza. San Pedro is made of mostly Mayan and Mestizo people with Creoles coming in second. Then you have immigrants and expats from El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Canada, England, U.S., Lebanon, Jordan, and China.

This gentleman made my day every time I saw him - which was every morning. Belize, and it seemed especially Ambergris, is very proud of it's Christian faith. It was not uncommon to see Bible verses and/or quotes on the sides of buildings, hanging from fruit stalls, or posted in restaurants. 

Caye Caulker

My last sunrise in Belize.

It seems that everywhere I travel captures my heart. I feel that every place I visit quickly steals a piece of it, and selfishly tucks it away daring me to return and claim it. The bright colors of Belize, and the warm smiles, the infectious laughter of children...

The people of Belize are not an industrially wealthy population. As someone who grew up having my necessities and (at least a good amount of) desires met, Belize was a world that was sometimes difficult to observe. While in Belize Fermin and I stayed in the most expensive part of the country - and then found that the average working person in the tourist industry on that island earned about $90BZ a week. That's $45USD. The government provides all children school uniforms free of charge, because otherwise many wouldn't have sufficient clothing.

And yet, I heard singing in the dead of night. Singing that rose with the island heat, and cut through an electricity free island (temporary power outage). Alone in that quiet moment, I found myself smiling and wondering who was enjoying the harmonies of the island voices more: myself, or the fireflies in the field below me. 


  1. Such gorgeous photographs, looks like you're having an incredible time darling and the photographs are beautiful


    Eda ♥

  2. The black & white photo of you is my fav :) xoxo

  3. I facebook stalk you, so I've seen most of these. ;)

    Here is what you need to do. Start your own photography magazine. Like, seriously. Travel the world and take photos and put them in your magazine. And win a bunch of awards. This needs to happen.

    These are seriously ASTOUNDING.

    And you mentioned on fb I think about putting more photos on your blog: DO IT! xoxo

  4. Seriously good photos Amber. J-Fab speaks the truth: you've got an eye for images (and a good camera).

    With that kinda photographic style, I reckon you could even make our neighbourhood look cool (which will be a seriously tall order).

  5. wow- these pictures are gorgeous. That little boy is BEAUTIFUL, and I love the spirit of Belize that you've captured. You should work for a travel company because I'm about ready to book a trip!

  6. Beautiful! :)


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