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Island Purple

Lush sheer dress // Final Touch slip // Papaya smoothie ;)

The Belizeans  live life in such vibrant colors.

I know I have been bombarding you with photos from Belize. Truth be told, I am still so tickled by the whole experience. I still feel like I'm going to wake up tomorrow morning and find myself there again. It's been such a long time that I have felt so at home. Having lived and grown up in Hawai'i, Belize instantly felt familiar and all together different.
I always feel the most at home when I am farthest from it. Is that strange? Traveling makes me feel at home: like I am in my own familiar space, even if it's a place I have never been to.

Next post will be Stateside, promise! (It will be on a new pair of boots - can you guess?)
Also, I would like to thank you all for all your wonderful compliments! They have been really encouraging this past week. I am one lucky girl - you sure know how to compliment a gal! Thank you!


  1. I could do with some more pics,I so loved the place even when I actually didn't see it. your snaps make me feel am there :)
    You look great in the second pic.

  2. Amber I love how you are sharing all of these photographs with us, it is getting me in the mood for my trip to cuba in a few weeks.

    I know what you mean with regards to travelling, when I am in cities I always feel like I am home, like it's where I belong...it's strange but wonderful

    Eda ♥



  3. It's the colours that do it for me. The shades and textures are so full of energy. It's amazing that in tropical places with high poverty colour is almost sacrosanct. You should design a conceptual piece on the place.

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