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Portobello Hats Grand Opening

If a woman rebels against high heeled shoes, she should take care to do it in a very smart hat. (George Bernard Shaw)

This past Sunday was certainly a glam one! Have you heard? Portobello hats had it's grand opening! And I'm not using the term "grand" lightly. With the red carpet rolled out, the Academy Awards steaming live, and little pettifores in the shape of fine vintage hats, this was an evening to remember.  Guests arrived in their best hats, while snapping up new handmade ones. Rubbing shoulders withe the owners, every one was looking their very best - I even caught a little girl getting into the fun!

Portobello hats is a blissful space of both vintage and new caps that will make you believe in magic. With vintage hat boxes lining both the floor and ceiling you are transported to another space and time.
And as if to prove that believing in magic is worthwhile, I had a woman come up to me and say: "I know your face! I have seen your pictures!". Well isn't that fancy!

Tell me, do you enjoy a good hat? 

A big thank you to Jennifer Webley and Amy Smith to having me!

*I should probably note here that by insane asylum, I mean a collection of crazed retail shoppers.


  1. I love hats,they look so pretty when worn properly. Its really weird why people don't wear them here,since,its sunny almost the entire year in India. You get weird stares from people if you step out in one.

  2. You look beautiful. I adore the close up of those amazing shoes too.

  3. Sorry about your rough week...I had a bad one too.

    I love a good hat but I'm to chicken to wear them!

  4. You really should have kidnapped me and taken me with you.
    Remember this for next time.
    Love the new header! :)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. Sorry about the hell-ish week. I hope things get better!

    "Asylum inmates flocking to my job". Sounds like a description of my co-workers to be honest with you.

    Good luck with the debt pay-down. I'm right there with you...I know how painful it can be!

  6. I hope things get saner soon :) I think that looks so fun because I love love love hats!


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