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Interior meets Exterior

My friend Rebecca, author of the interior design blog Nouveau Conservateur, and I have a special treat for you! We've worked together to bring you a fun interpretation of style, fashion and living space: we've created three fashion looks and three interior designs that each relate to each other in terms of style, color and use of texture. We hope you enjoy our selections! 

1st look:

Toxically Chic

Soften that hard-edged fierceness this season with décor that’s truly
feminine- by which I mean both demur and brazen. Infuse the black,
gold and silver (“musts”) with natural elements that soften the look &
bring warmth into the space. And sprinkle vintage with ‘brand new’ for
a layered and long lasting glamour that is sure to live out the skull
and crossbones fashion craze.

Rainy day

Rainy day by ambersmouthwash featuring buckle jewelry

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2nd look:
Gem Boho Glam

Loving the gemstone color palette this season? Then, mix and match new
“sparkly” pieces with warn-in vintage to keep it real and not tacky.
Think of the perfectly mixed cocktail: it has great color balance,
portion control and is always placed in elegant and appropriate
glassware. Get your bases down before you accessorize so you don’t end
up blasting the space with too much color or clutter. Less is more but
don’t be afraid to let every single piece, pack a sizable punch!

Mixing patterns

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3rd look:
Rainy Days: London Calling

No color is more appropriate on a rainy day than red. And no designer
was hotter this fall than Mary McDonald. Take inspiration from a new
glossy red lamp in her collection and burst through those doldrums and
grey skies with a punch of color and pattern. But don’t forget to add
some whimsy with rustic elements either, as red and black can get
vampy without proper care. Avoid this by introducing classic graphic
patterns and contemporary artwork.

My heart is in Pairs

To read about my styling tips for this look above, click HERE


Super fun! I hope you enjoyed seeing our different points of view, and got some great inspiration from this! I had such a blast working with Rebecca on this! Please be sure to stop by her blog to check out my inspirations behind the looks I created! Until then, lets keep in touch through Bloglovin'!

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