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Packing for Belize

Packing for Belize!!! Warm Caribbean Sea, coconuts, beans and rice, bicycles along the sandy beaches, and bleached white coral, here I come! My wonderful boyfriend is whisking me away to Ambergris, Belize for Valentines Day. How amazing is he to have found an island with my name in it?!

By the time you are reading this, we will have touched down in Belize City, taken a water taxi to the island and have already dipped ourselves in the ocean! I cannot wait to take photos and experience all the amazing sights and travels of this tropical oasis!

I know it's a little mean to post this while I'm in 80 degree weather, but this was just *too* funny not to share:

SUBWAY from SRSLY. on Vimeo.

Stay warm!!


  1. Have a great time with your bf.Share lots of pics with us chilled to the bones ppl when you're back.

  2. share those pics girl :-) love your cat :-)

    have you seen my latest post ?

  3. I'm sure you're having a whale of a time Amber.

    That video was good. The girls' reactions are cute. One forgets how cold NY can be at this time of year. NY women must be made of sterner stuff being able to wear short skirts in that kinda climate.

  4. Belize? Oh my, I am jealousss. I wish you a great trip, and I have heard they have some incredible markets where you can find incredibly unique printed fabrics and hand made jewelry! xx

  5. Your cat is a cutie :) Have fun Amber !

  6. Awwww... your cat is adorable. Have fun on your trip. :)


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