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Que Sera

I have a difficult time purchasing practical items. If given a choice between buying a little black dress that will go with anything, or a blue tutu lined in sequins, I will buy candy (Junior Mints!).
For anyone who has seen my closet, this is very apparent - I own several pairs of sky high heels, and only one pair of flats. I own a tutu and two perttiskirts, and a sequin pencil skirt, but only recently do I own a pair of black slacks. I was 22 before I ever purchased black eye liner (my first was lime green at 14). Practicality just isn’t in my nature I suppose.

 So when it came to purchasing a LBD a few years ago, it should come as no surprise that I came home with anything but a “practical” one. Most women dread the threat of side cleavage -  whereas this dress embraces the issue with open arms (ooh bad pun!). 
Yesterday however, I purchased a new pair of shoes - it had been over three years since I had purchased a pair of walking (i.e flat) shoes. My dear friend Megan was with me, and she was there to make sure I walked out with a pair of "everyday"  shoes. This new pair of Coach shoes was the result. I love these! Yes they are practical - but they are also plaid and metallic (and on sale)...therefore they have enough foo-foo to make them a staple for me. 

Lani dress // Velvet bra ?? // Coach shoes // Coach bag // Asos bracelets
Thank you for reading lovelies. 
Ps - I have been listening to this song non-stop! It inspired today's title. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha the exact same thing happens to me, and when I need basics I don't have them hahaha!
xx s

Barry said...

I like the way this dress hangs on you. I wonder, do you ever feel a bit exposed wearing it? Do you feel it would be limiting as to where it can be worn?

Those shoes are amazing, I love them! Casual but stylish and pretty versatile I would imagine.

Mouthwash said...

:)Hi Barry!
No, I don't feel too exposed wearing it. I actually wore this outfit to work. I did however throw a sweater over it when I went into the bank to make a deposit ;)

Meri said...

Looks like a practical outfit for just kickin' it indeed!

Soraya said...

A very pretty dress :)

BMagazyn said...

Very cool :)


Jaspe H. said...

Girl, you are WERKING this dress though! You look absolutely perfect. Please tell me how to get my complexion as perfect as yours or I'll have to go cry in a corner.

You stunning lady.



Abbys-World-Closet said...

Cute dress!!

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