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While organizing my closet the other day, I found a letter from my shoes. They said that while they were flattered to be featured on the blog so regularly, they wanted a voice of their own to share with my readers. They wanted an interview. How could I resist? Below you will find some of my favorite shoes, who are more than happy to introduces themselves to you. 
 Hi! My name is Gallista, and I’m the newest to the bunch here.
Everyone here is just sooo friendly! (well, except for Constance, she’s kinda bitchy. OMG don’t tell her I said that!) I’m super outgoing, and I love being the center of attention. I’m really bright too - like, I’m crazy smart, and I know that having a solid platform is the key to a long life, you know? I really get along well with the dresses and jeans in Amber’s closet, although I’m outside most of the time.

 Hi there, my name is Miu Miu, nice to meet you (ooh look! I was a poet and didn’t know it! haha). I think most everyone would say I’m pretty easy going. I’ve been here the longest, after Miss Princess Mattie. I’ve got designer heritage like some of the others, but unlike every other shoe in the house,I don’t have a box. I know! At first I wasn’t too bothered by it, but when I noticed that all these new comers had boxes I started thinking: wouldn’t it be nice to have a little square of my own? I mean, everything else about me is such a mystery! I don’t even know what season I’m from! Mama dug me up from a vintage consignment store and ran out the door she was so happy to have found me. Well, I guess that’s the important thing isn’t it? Having two feet that love you!

 Hey girl, the name’s Leo. Think of me as the modern twist on the le smoking shoe - only I am le healthy. Everything I do is ironic. I’m a leopard print shoe made out of cowhide. A man’s shoe in a woman’s closet. I’m a sexy shoe with no heel. I know I look good. 

 Dahling, let’s just one thing straight shall we? Name's Mattie, and I’m seductive. I mean, I’m sexy and I know it. All these straps are doing something right! With my silk material, silver lining, and designer heritage, my mother knows that I am here for the long haul. As a matter a fact, I’m the first of my kind in her whole shoe family; if you want to count me among the rest shoes... because I’m so much more. So very much more than a shoe!

 Why hello, my name is Howett. What a pleasure it is to meet you all - but first things first: I am so much more than a curious name. I’m classy. In every sense of the word. I’m classic in the sense that I really know who I am: I’m a solid to go piece. No fancy heel for this gal. I watch my figure and keep my form really well. I think Amber loves that about me. Plus, I’m no prude! I’ve got a point to make, and I do it oh so very well. Since we’re getting to know each other so well, do you want to know a secret? I have a bit of a shoe crush on Gallista...I wouldn’t mind sharing a shoebox with her, if you know what I mean!

 Hi I’m Constance; AKA Constant pain in the ass. You probably know me already. I am after all quite the celebrity. Honestly I think that intimidates a lot of the others in here. It’s not my fault everyone wants a piece of me! I know what I stand for, and if you want to be friends with me, you’re better off just taking me as I am. Sure I’m a bit of a hard ass, but that comes with the territory. I’m not going to change who I am just to make you more comfortable! Trust me, once you take me for a walk and get all those compliments about how good I make you look, you’ll see I’m worth my nickname. 

 OMG I am SO happy to meet you all!! You and I are totally going to be bestest of friends. I can tell. No, really! I’ve got the most comfortable outlook on life, and I can get just about anyone talking. While most men and women will just smile at Miss Gallista, people have been known to cross the street to talk to me! Yes it’s true! I mean, I remain humble about the attention of course. Miss Princess Mattie and Constance try to tell me that I don’t have real designer heritage, but that’s simply not true! I’ve got Pierre Hardy in my blood, and I know that counts for something! Plus, I have the ability to change how I’m tied. What other shoe here can say that?

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