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Photo Journal: County Fair

I know it might be childish, but I still get excited every year when the County Fair comes around. Growing up in Hawaii, the fair was always an hour away or more. This time, it was almost in my backyard. Driving by on the freeway and seeing the not one, but two fairiswheels spinning high up in the air pulled at my heart strings each time I saw it. 
People watching is always a sure win: Young couples wandering the grounds, children pumped up on sugar and adrenaline, and occasional teenage girl who rather foolishly wore heels. The pony rides, Whacka-Moll, live concerts and the greasy, greasy food that should probably only be eaten once a year. Something tells me that I won't ever fully grow out of my excitement for the County Fair.



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  2. The bright colors in these pictures are so attractive and brilliant. Nice photography.

  3. Gorgeous photos...so colorful! The fair looks like so much fun.

    ...and I want cotton candy now!

  4. Ohmygoshhhh, I want to go! Do you know the kind of trouble I could get myself into here???

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. These photos are beautiful and so colorful. They seem very cheerful! I'm heading to our state fair next weekend and I simply cannot wait. It is a family tradition to go every year and I always look forward to it. Surprisingly, I don't go on the rides. I enjoy the other aspect of it. I love looking at the animals (BUNNIES, horses, cows, goats) and stopping by all the booths for the free stuff (pens, bags, t-shirts, candy, etc.). There is also a giant chocolate milk building at the Missouri State Fair where they give tall ice cold glasses of chocolate milk for only 25 cents a pop. It's literally like being in heaven.

    And don't even get me started on the fried tomatoes and twinkies on a stick.

  6. so nice!!



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