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Sweet as Sugar

Dress c/o Sugarlips // Vintage Coach bag (Willis) // Socks Forever 21 // Shoes Michael Antonio // Sunnies: Megan's! (I'll return them soon, promise!)
 Yellow just makes everything better, doesn't it? It's amazing how color can affect ones mood! 
This dress was given to me by Sugarlips (I picked it out), and I love the zipper detail in the front. To be fair, I am technically wearing the dress backwards, but I prefer wearing it that way! The dress is a classic shape, but has a perfectly modern feel with the zipper in the front. It's also super comfortable! A keeper for sure. My socks have little hearts on them which I thought a sweet little accent to the outfit. It's the unexpected details that keep things interesting - in both dressing and life, wouldn't you say?


  1. Intentionally wearing this backwards?I think that's a nod in the right direction! Here I was thinking that the dress was designed as such, but wow :D

    I also can't get enough of those Antonio heels - yellow is great color for you!

  2. You're a total ray of sunshine doll! Love the frock and shoes!

    Watched the livestream of Rebecca Minkoffs show - it was like having frow seats! Beautiful collection and top notch sounds.

    Have a lovely week!

  3. Yellow is such a good colour that everyone from Coldplay to Donovan has written songs about it. The Autumn (I think you might call it Fall) sunshine looks gorgeous.

    Also, so happy to hear that a dinner table conversation in far flung San Francisco about MAGIC MIKE reminded you of me. And to think that I only exist to you as a moniker as opposed to a real human being. Oh, the beauty of blogging. I honestly think that if every other person in the world had a blog then we'd have no wars; just appreciation, love and respect for one another.

  4. wow- lucky you, that dress is so cool!

  5. I am so in love with that dress. It's such a lovely print.
    Those shoes are so incredible too!

  6. Hahaa! Backwards? It works pretty well.


  7. I love that you wore this dress backwards! I think it looks a bit more edgy that way :)

    Hope you didn't think I was ignoring your last comment...I became super busy this week. I literally went from not doing much to doing too much. Do you want to hang out next Saturday (not this one but the next)? Or anytime besides Monday of next week is great too :)

    PS. Don't you just love vintage bags? I actually prefer the vintage Coach over the new ones...well...kind of. They do have this adorable leopard one I like :)

    Have a fabulous day!




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