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Thanks to my sister, I have become (quite) familiar with the Korean boy band BIGBANG. As part of the oldest boy band in South Korea (and...let's be real, probably North Korea too), their influence reaches music - their fashion is amazing. Have you heard of them? For me as a thoroughbred of Western culture, their unabridged gender (un)bias(ed) fashion forward style was at first mind boggling. It's like Mother Monster gave birth to 5 equally fabulous male children, and let them loose in her closet and make up bag. And here I was thinking there were no more culture shocks left to be had.
I am completely hooked.
Take a look/listen to their song "Bad Boy" and tell me you're not fascinated. 
Hell, I find myself wanting access to their closets!

photos: YG entertainment

"Bad Boy"  
"Fantastic Baby"



  1. Wow I like how the Asians have all the really hip fashion-forward boy bands and we're stuck with One Direction. Can we adopt BIGBANG?! Lol.

  2. I've heard of Big Bang and he's got some awesome songs!

  3. I would use this band for some of the dance classes I teach...(You wouldn't be able to understand the "naughty" words in another language...)

  4. Wah! I'm glad you got hooked. I always get excited when they make a new comeback because GDragon (the guy in the first picture) always is dressed in some thing crazy

  5. I looove it, korean pop music is awesome!! They are awesome, thanks for sharing!!


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