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How Piperlime Made Good

 When I wrote this post, I was upset (and rightly so). So imagine my surprise when Piperlime contacted me - through my blog (see the comments in the post), through my e-mail, and through my Twitter account. Then in what turned out to be the most pleasant of surprises, Jen, the head of marketing and PR called me. Like, on my phone.

She was so kind. I could hear her smiling through the phone - she said that she wanted to make things better. She wanted to make me happy. "What would make things better?" she asked. "Well..." I started. I was still trying to wrap my head around who was on the other line! "I want to let you know that I do have the peplum top in the size that you ordered, and I could get it to you, on your doorstep by tomorrow. How does that sound?" She asked. "Tomorrow?!" I asked. "Yes! Tomorrow!" Oh readers, Piperlime made good. Not only did my top arrive to me in less than 24 hours after my conversation with Jen, it also fits perfectly. It also came to me free of charge.

 Letter to Piperlime 
Dear Jen and Piperlime, 
Thank you so much for your willingness to work with me, and for your efforts to make me happy as your customer. While my online shopping experience started off rather negatively, I have nothing but respect for the way things were handled. Your efforts to make me happy as your customer, such as reaching out, and working to make sure that things were set right, is an experience that I am so pleased to share with my readers, friends and family. You have truly gone above and beyond as a company. Jen, my phone call with you was extremely pleasant, and I truly felt that you genuinely wanted to make me happy. I appreciate that you took time out of your day to read my blog post and to give me a call. Thank you so much for your efforts, and for providing me with exceptional customer service. The gift of my peplum top and lightening fast shipping have made me one very satisfied customer. I am happy. Thank you so very much!
 Kindly, Amber


  1. Amber...this top looks BEAUTIFUL on you! I am really amazed with Piperlime. I'm so glad they contacted you :) And I'm also glad that this was not only a positive experience for you...but an outstanding one!



  2. What a gorgeous peplum top. On you, it looks terrific.

    And kudos to the company for good customer-relations. Companies that respond positively build good will.

  3. Seriously taken care of! That is customer service...and you look incredible in that top!

  4. Now that's customer service! And a wonderful ending to your Piperlime story. Glad you were able to get the lovely peplum top.

  5. That top looks so awesome on you that I ordered myself one!


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