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Obama 2012

I am happy.


  1. I'm Canadian and I'm very happy he's back in!

  2. I was overwhelmed by his victory 4 years ago, so much so that I stayed up all night to watch it. After Matt Damon criticised him and other lefty figures like Spike Lee stated that he hasn't delivered in the ways they had hoped, I wondered if the average American will give Obama the benefit of doubt.

    To be honest, global problems are so bad I think that the world doesn't deserve a leader like Obama. The jaded monster in me believes that a messed up era like this deserves a more fitting figurehead. (Gosh, that sounds so cynical...)

  3. Movies: I completely understand where you are from. And, to an extent, I agree. Obama is a leader who to me is a landmark in history. He deserves to be remembered for leading and returning the US to it's world leading position, and for getting us out of a terrible recession. 4 or 8 years is not enough time. The US with it's hands in so many pots cannot simply rise out of the ashes over night. My biggest fear is that the president who is elected in 2016 will recieve the credit for what Obama did for this country.

    And damn can this guy deliver a speech!

  4. I was SO EFFING RELIEVED with the election results last night. Omg. I had been freaking out about it. I was truly worried we were going to be moving backwards in this country.

    I'm going to be completely honest, I haven't been all too thrilled with Obama so far. I've actually been a little disappointed. BUT you're right, it takes more than four years, so I'm hoping he can turn things around in this next term. :)

  5. Amber, as someone on the other side of the Atlantic, I only know America as a fan of its popular culture and as a tourist. It’s only when one visits America that the cultural division between us is apparent. There is a desperate attempt at turning all prominent American public figures into celebrities. Obama may lend himself to such an interpretation, but he is primarily a humanitarian. The global expectations placed upon him were untenable and massively out of reach for one bloke to deliver within the time given. A part of me resents that Obama embraced celebrity in the manner in which he did, but let’s be honest; it was the right thing to do in that situation. Being a black man in America isn’t easy, and the concept of an African-American achieving high office within 50 years of the Civil Rights movement is incredible. After all, certain states in the US were still practicing apartheid up until the late ‘60s. So, therefore, Obama the celebrity was essential in order for him to be where he is. I will go as far as saying he doesn’t just belong to America, he belongs to all of us. He is the first global incarnation of an American President: multi-racial, multi-religious and straddles different social strata within one being.

    I am disappointed at the Obama Administration’s progress in terms of dealing with the Palestine issue and his inertia when it comes to admonishing the practices of corrupt banking systems, however, like you say, it’s only been 4 years and it’s very easy to ignore much of the good he has done. I come from a country that has panic attacks at the concept of having a black James Bond, let alone a black Prime Minister. In all honesty, as long as Britain has an unelected monarchy as its figurehead, this country will never be truly meritocratic.

    Still, a big part of me feels that it is a much happier reality being British than most other nationalities, perhaps even being better than being an American. After all, I come from a country where our cops don’t carry guns, we don’t have a death penalty and health care is free at the point of delivery. Some may call that socialism but I refer to it as humanism. I think America should perhaps look to us for inspiration at times.


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