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Waxing Poetic about Blondo

Forever 21 scarf and vest // Lush jacket (layered) and blouse // Gap skinny jeans // Coach bag // Blondo boots // Vogue glasses

A close up of the boots - same shot - two days in a row because they are just that awesome. I know I already bragged about them before, but seriously. If I had to choose between a pair of Christian Loubutons, or these...ok, wait (apples/oranges). Let's choose another example. Uggs. If I had to choose between these and a pair of Uggs...well, trick example. Because these are fully lined just like a pair of Uggs, but arguably much more appropriate for every day use, waterproof, and much more respectable to ones wardrobe.
Did I mention that these boots are over 6 years old? I have only properly cleaned them once.
I have lived in these boots. I have ran through many a muddy puddle, kicked a snowman or two, and stomped through countless piles of leaves. I love these boots! I have never had them leak on me, I have never slipped in them, and they are so fuzzy and warm that when I first got them, I actually slept in them.
No, Blondo has not paid me to say any of this - I'm shouting this from the mountain tops on my own because I love them so much. These are next on my list.
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