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Waxing Poetic about Blondo

Forever 21 scarf and vest // Lush jacket (layered) and blouse // Gap skinny jeans // Coach bag // Blondo boots // Vogue glasses

A close up of the boots - same shot - two days in a row because they are just that awesome. I know I already bragged about them before, but seriously. If I had to choose between a pair of Christian Loubutons, or these...ok, wait (apples/oranges). Let's choose another example. Uggs. If I had to choose between these and a pair of Uggs...well, trick example. Because these are fully lined just like a pair of Uggs, but arguably much more appropriate for every day use, waterproof, and much more respectable to ones wardrobe.
Did I mention that these boots are over 6 years old? I have only properly cleaned them once.
I have lived in these boots. I have ran through many a muddy puddle, kicked a snowman or two, and stomped through countless piles of leaves. I love these boots! I have never had them leak on me, I have never slipped in them, and they are so fuzzy and warm that when I first got them, I actually slept in them.
No, Blondo has not paid me to say any of this - I'm shouting this from the mountain tops on my own because I love them so much. These are next on my list.


  1. I know this feeling, I've had the same story with my old Martens boots, they went everywhere with me, I didn't take proper care of them but they were still awesome. Unfortunately I had to throw them away last year, but they were my lovely companion for a long 5 years. So just enjoy your boots and write about them as much as you want :)))

    Btw, I checked that blog you sent me and good lord I was completely shocked :) makes me wonder, do i have a twin italian sister I don't know of? :)))

  2. You would stomp through a multitude of snowmen in those boots, Amber? Does it even ever snow In the Bay Area? For a true test of Blondo’s manufacturing might, you need to try them out in London, only because it is the worst city in the world for dealing with even basic snowfall, meaning an individual is left to their own devices when negotiating such precarious conditions. One slip-slides all the way to everywhere, realising just how appropriate footwear doesn’t necessarily mean fashionable footwear.

    Is it cool to sound French when speaking in English? Sounds more like an affectation if you ask me. Nevertheless, that Chromatics song is very good, isn’t it? It amazes me that America has so many different sounds coming out of it, with bands creating all kinds of fantastic music that push the scene in radical new directions, yet you stick on an American radio station and they’re still playing an old Uncle Kracker record or something similar. What gives? I thought you guys were meant to be progressive. World power, indeed.

    No one deserves to have anyone poop on their premises. I’ll back you on that one, but craving human interaction from a shopkeeper sounds unreal. On a visit to the local supermarket it became apparent just how little everyone’s heart was in what they were doing, providing monosyllable answerers to any question. To be honest, spending too much time online has created a self-induced form of autism in most people, where physical interaction just seems inordinate. That’s why I believe people act all weird when frequenting your business. They feel out of place and end up doing crazy things.

    On another note, I saw you ridiculing a favourite British pudding known as ‘Spotted Dick.’ It’s a classic national dessert adored by all residing here, usually consumed with custard. We can all make fun of cultural differences... you don’t want to know what hilarious connotations a ‘fanny pack’ has in Britain.

  3. very cool your shoes are 6 years old! I tend to wear my shoes for a long time - no wonder I have not too few pairs

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. I'm hosting a glasses giveaway on my blog here check it out!

  4. The leaves are sooo pretty! And your bright scarf is really cool! Ah that is so exciting when you find just one good pair of boots that you love! Very awesome!


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