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Amuse Bouche: Savory Sunday Brunch

Sunday morning brunches are always the best. Especially when the eggs come out exactly as planned.
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It's asparagus season here in Northern California: it's fresh, crisp, and steams up perfectly in just under 5 minutes. I stumbled across this recipe a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn't wait to try it. Of course, I adapted it like I do all recipes. Instead of having it as a lunch or dinner side, I made it a breakfast entree.

From start to finish, this should take you about 15-20 minutes to make. Whip this up in the morning, and you are bound to impress everyone at the table. 

You will need:
Fresh asparagus (if you can, purchase from local farmers!)
1 - 2 eggs per person
1 slice of toast per egg (whole wheat tastes the best)
Gruyere cheese, or Parmesan, finely grated
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt & pepper to taste

Follow the soft boiling directions for the eggs and asparagus steaming tips found here
Grate your cheese
Start the steam for the vegetables first. 
Start the water for the eggs.
Once the both waters come to a boil, place the eggs in their pot, and the asparagus in their steamer. By doing this, you will have both ready at the same time!
2 minutes before the eggs are done, start your toast.
Once your eggs are done (6.5 minutes), remove immediately and run under cool water. Remove asparagus from the steamer, gently shake off excess water. Lightly butter toast, and drizzle a small amount of olive oil over the asparagus in a separate bowl. Assemble asparagus on toast, seasoning with salt/pepper to taste. Place one egg on top of asparagus, slice gently in half with a sharp knife. Top with cheese! 


  1. thanks for sharing this recipe! so simple and yet so awesome ;)

    and the eggs! that's just how I like it too! plus the asparagus and the cheese on top of the toast, mmmmm..

  2. I love it! Those eggs look delish!

  3. This looks delicious! I'll have to try to make it myself sometime soon. As much as I love going to restaurants for brunch, making it at home is so much more economical.

  4. You seriously have the best recipes, Amber. YUMAZING.

  5. This looks good and I'm not an asparagus person.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  6. MMM this looks so delicious! I want to eat it now!


  7. This made my mouth water. What a delicious brunch.


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