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Everything in the World

 Photos of my time spent with family in Colorado.

This guy is REAL- he was standing just out side the car window when this was taken.

"You don't want to touch them because the oils from your fingers will tarnish them...Plus you don't want to leave finger prints."

I've been learning a lot about family this year. Over the last several months my entire outlook on family and what it means, and how it affects me has undergone a total metamorphosis. I had always grown up thinking that you could create family through close friendships. However last year I learned that friendships come and go; they are transient, rising and ebbing like the ocean tide. I feel like this past week I spent in Colorado I learned a lifetime of lessons. I experienced so much heartbreak within those first few days I wondered if I would ever be able to come up for air. Then I witnessed miracles; miracles that only family bonds could produce. Miracles such as sharing the same smile with a cousin you've never met before...Or the ability to forgive and comfort while still nursing old wounds.

I come from a family that for generations has not known their fathers. Distance, heartbreak, and betrayal has all left us wanting, hoping for a deeper connection. We were all left alone to fend on our own far too soon in life. Because of this, we have all had to make due with a pain in our hearts that no one ever intended us to suffer. I learned that in life the ones we tend to push away the most - hurt the most - can also be the very ones we need the most. 
I have a family that loves me. It is everything in the world I ever needed.
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