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Saturdays with Sarah

 Saturday mornings are usually the day that Sarah and I get together to go over all things blog related. I often forget how much I have learned over the last 5+ years as a blogger. Pixel sizes, and formatting images for the web, and even lighting and photo editing are things that all come second nature to me now. It's fun to share with someone who is so interested in blogging; it helps me remember all the things I taught myself. It's also nice to know I'm helping someone so they don't need to spend countless hours online searching for answers like I did. Plus, it's just plain fun hanging out with Sarah.

It's fun to see our different editing styles. The last time that Sarah and I met, the topic was photo editing: both the basics and the creative. I realized part way through that perhaps I wasn't doing as good of a job as I had hoped when it came to explaining the ethics of editing. Trying to strike that fine balance of doing a fine job at editing but also not crossing the line of over editing. What girl doesn't want to feel flawless? It's easy get carried away and want to airbrush away each and every blemish or mark...But I think it's more important to leave a few. After all we can't live our lives online where we can create a perfect self: we have to live with who we are, imperfections and all.
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