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Casual California Winters

natural hair bloggers, california style, winter outfits, lovestitch sweater, liv fashion boutique

 Casual California winter wear.

natural hair bloggers, california style, winter outfits, lovestitch sweater, liv fashion boutique

natural hair bloggers, california style, winter outfits, lovestitch sweater, liv fashion boutique
All items purchased from Liv Fashion Boutique. (Except the bag, which is Coach)
Whenever I leave the house, this outfit has pretty much been my uniform. I've been wanting a pair of high-waisted skinnies for a while now. The cardigan I've wanted for months, and when I discovered it had survived the Black Friday sale, I knew it was fate. I think the boots are a bit unexpected for me; but then again they were the last pair in the store, 50% off, and in my size. So happy I purchased them!

Thank you for your kind thoughts and words on my last post. I go in for two MRI scans today to find out if I have cartilage damage. If I do, I'll need knee surgery. God above, I really hope I don't have any.


  1. They all look great together Amber. So pretty! I love that sweater.


  2. I love the jeans and the blouse! High-waisted skinnies are probably going to be my new fashion search item. I love my skinny jeans, but I need to find some that fit a bit better. I hope your appointment goes well! :)

  3. Beautiful and so classic!
    It looks so pretty where you are! It has been very cold for Texas this year, I've been wearing my heaviest winter coat and still I freeze!
    Good luck with the knee! I hope all goes well!

  4. Really love the beauty of these images. The bag and boots are perfection. Hope your MRI went well yesterday. <3

  5. I love the warm, casual weather of California, too but still wish I could be wearing some coats. I love that feeling when you wait for something to go on sale and when it does, it's still available in your size. Fate. <3

    I hope everything goes well for you.

    Invisible Blush

  6. Gosh, that Californian winter sunlight really has an
    enchanting golden hue to it. It almost takes attention away from your casual
    but hip cardigan. I have heard on the news that pretty much every US state is punishingly
    cold right now, which made me wonder if the US media is as obsessed with British
    weather cycles as much as we are with yours? Methinks Americans probably are as
    long as it somehow involves the Royal Family in some capacity.

    Hey, your reading material is pretty high-end. Nicolas II and Alexandria of Russia? You must be seriously
    intimidating in your cleverness, Amber. I ventured on to Goodreads to check it
    out. I am not one for social networking (you know me so well, Amber, it’s scary)
    but it seems like a fantastic concept. If I ever shake off my apprehension of
    social media then Goodreads seems like the type of club to my liking. They even
    have Tupac’s favourite books list!

    That post I wrote on book reading may possibly have come across
    as slightly pretentious. I didn’t mean it to be judgemental, it’s just that I can
    see the demise of reading for pleasure in my country and it upsets me. You ask
    how the education in Britain is, and I say it’s pretty pathetic. I mean you
    have expensive private schools that churn out an endless supply of geniuses for
    high office, but the state sector is hugely questionable. Despite receiving
    record investments for the last fifteen years the end result is a situation in
    which grade inflation was rampant while the average income of mediocre teachers
    rocketed 17% - 25%. We now hear stories about kids leaving school at eighteen
    for work opportunities and then filing the company phone bill under ‘F’: this
    despite them being ostensibly well-educated and stuff. We hear that there are
    at least an estimated million citizens who are illiterate in Britain, but you
    guys have even worse statistics for illiteracy. In America illiteracy is rocketing
    in unprecedented levels for all age groups with the exception of the over-65s -
    a demographic where it is actually improving (a Baby Boomer generation that
    still reads books, perhaps?).

    Before I go, I wanted to get your thoughts on Kelela’s Cut
    4 Me
    ? (Download it for free: http://fadetomind.net/KELELA).
    Weirdly, talking about novels, I read Kazantzakis’ The Last
    over the holidays and had this album playing in the
    background. It leant such a perfect ambiance while reading of Jesus’ fevered hallucinations
    in the Judean desert that the album has taken on almost biblical stature for
    me. I have it practically on loop, I love it so much. I’m a kid of the ‘90s
    which probably has a lot to do with me responding so enthusiastically to its r’n’b
    slickness. For an album that sounds so polished and expensive in its
    production, I marvel that it’s being given away at no cost.

    Good luck with your surgery, Amber. You will come through it
    with winning ribbons, no doubt. (Gosh, I’ve written so much randomness in this
    comment folks are gonna think I’m weird.)


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