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Merry Christmas!

Sleigh rides, and artistic interpreations of chocolate frosted sugar cookies. Next year I'm going to go full on Pollock. 
Here's to wishing each and every one of you a Merry Christmas! 
See you in the new year!
(Kidding. Next post will be on Monday. I'm taking a break!)


  1. Pretty pictures. Merry Christmas!

  2. Happy New Christmas, Amber Lucas!

    I think I am a better writer than artist, but I'm an expert at neither.To clarify, some bloke called Andy Scharf liked the images on my various avatars and profiles, and was offering money for digital prints. The avatar adjacent to this comment is merely an image I remixed, whereas other stuff I made in Photoshop. He was impressed, and I was so delighted I gave it to him for free. I was at one time trying to put together a project but it never really worked out. I have a lot of images and writing pieces related to the project and now utilise them in other ways as to not let it go to waste.

    I'm not sure if Jon Hopkins appears in the Collider music video. It's a fantastic music video, though. Really gets under the skin of Britain's depressed and displaced middle-class youth culture. They say that Britain has the most miserable kids in Europe, for your information.


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