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Spring Fling

This weekend was amazing! For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I went to my very first hockey game. It was so much fun! I got to witness my very first "hat trick". A hat trick is where 1 player makes 3 goals in a row (and in this case it was done within 9 minutes). I'm told it's a rare thing.  I think I got a little too excited, because I knocked myself out and missed all the after game festivities (I knocked out at 12am, and everyone else at 5am!).
Also, I learned that my Google+ account is just shy of 1 million views! Say what!
Hope your week is off to a great start.


  1. Yes, I heard that the US had like the most sizzling weather since your punishingly freezing winter. The weekend compelled Americans to allegedly abandon trusted cinemas, burger bars and shopping malls and actually bask in the seasonal uptick weather. It almost sounds like America became more like north Italy over the weekend. That's really good news, Amber. I hope it lasts.

    I see the great weather has totally overwhelmed you and that you now track the streets of San Francisco donning a Frida Kahlo sack on your head. I bet such a look doesn't even draw any suspicious attention in the Bay Area. Very open-minded residents..

  2. Amber, you are the absolute cutest! These pictures of you are too cute and FUNNY! Loving your Frida tote. You have the coolest stuff. Those cherry blossom trees are gorgeous. So glad you went and had a great time. We don't have hockey anything this way. I've never been to a hockey match before either. Have a great week doll!

  3. Ah yes, it is very necessary to don Frida K. sacks on the head while in San Francisco. They've banned the giving away of free bags and now charge a whopping $.10 for the ones they are willing to part with. Hence, we carry our own!

  4. Best. Photos. Ever. Your Spring is clearly off to such a fun start =)

  5. LOL!! Love these pictures! Especially the one with the Frida tote...which is totally cute. Congrats on going to your first hockey game. I've never been. And an even BIGGER congrats on your 1 million views! Yeee!! Super exciting :D

    xo Azu


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