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Do you have a signature scent? I don't. I cannot commit to a single perfume. I have my favorites, of course. Ones that over the years have remained constant. One thing that all my favorites have in common is that they all tie me back to Paris. 

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I have discovered all my perfumes in Paris. The tiny bottle of YSL perfume for example is from a friend. I had taken a college summer course, and discovered the scent while wandering a Sephora below the Louvre (yes). The following year I told her about the experience, and she being the sweetheart that she is, never forgot and gave it to me as a gift. The pink and orange bottle is by Escada. Again, I had found it while in Paris (my first time) with my mother. She purchased it for me at the airport before our departure. 

I have spoken about the power of perfume before. I tend to seek out perfumes that are strong, ones that contain notes of tuberose, rose, blackberry, amber, and sandalwood. Warm, sweet scents really. Ones that remind me stolen glances, long train rides, muggy cobblestone streets, and hot summer nights that are in desperate need of a fan.

Science has proven that scent is a powerful memory trigger (source). The ability to smell is actually linked to memory itself. When I told my specialist that I was waking from nightmares to the smell of burnt rubber, she suggested that I spritz my pillow with one of my favorite perfumes before going to bed.

It can be very difficult to advertize a perfume, without actually have a person there to smell it. Hence perfume ads and commercials will often try to connect on an emotional level. The Sofia Coppola directed ads for Marc Jacobs Daisy are a perfect example. Who lays on a scent simply to go out frolicking in fields of flowers? But it's the mood we're after. It's Paris I'm after. It's that summer, that day, that time...it's the moment that I'm after.

What are you after?

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This post was not sponsored. I just really love perfume.
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