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Fashion First Aid

With Kim, and fellow blogger Shasie
Kim of Fashion First Aid has a fantastic brain. With her ingenuity and impeccable ability to pick up on the everyday issues that everyone has, she has tapped into a goldmine: anticipating fashion emergencies before they happen. Click through to see what I mean!

Shasie and me

Hosted high up in the Venetian Suite tower (complete with chandelier), overlooking all of Las Vegas, Kim Castellano introduced us to her Fashion First Aid line. Not afraid to go there, Kim has a solution to just about any and every fashion emergency you could possibly have (it's quite possible actually, that if there's something that she doesn't cover, it might actually be a medical emergency, in which case I highly recommend seeking the nearest hospital!). 

 Examples of Fashion Emergencies with 4 of my favorite solutions

Want to project the stems of your new patent leather heels? Kim has that covered. Literally. She has created a clear, super strong (you can't pierce it with a knife) lining that will protect your heels from being scuffed by those evil cracks in the sidewalks. She calls it the Heel of Steel.

What about gaping shirts? (Can I vent? Why can't manufacturers place a button on a blouse so that it won't gap? You can put a man on the moon...) Kim has a one shot solution. I kid you not - it's actually a trigger motion. It's called the Attaché; it's a insta-button that can be put any place, and be virtually unseen (and less than $20).

Ever wanted to sew a quick hem, but not had the time to drop the item off for alterations? How about a handheld sewing machine that can fit into your purse? It's the size of a stapler! As someone who has been known to staple her own hemlines with an actual stapler, please believe me when I tell you Kim's fashion first aid solution is much nicer to your clothes! The Fashion Staple is also less than $20. 
It's Girls Night Out. You and your friends are dressed up and ready to go - only...you really don't want to carry that purse/clutch. Really, All you need is your house key and credit card. If only there was an extra invisible pocket on the inside of your dress... Well, the Pocksie is your first aid. The Pocksie is a super thin, durable (and biodegradable) adhesive fabric that can create an extra pocket just about anywhere you place it. 

Are you blown away? Intrigued? Curious to learn more about this mad fashion genius? Kim also has a book that walks you through all the everyday emergencies we all face. She's even thought so far ahead as to create informative stickers to leave for your dry cleaner (see above). The book is called The Dirty Side of Fashion ("Because you didn't take Home-Ec, and you're not a nudist").

Can you think of any fashion first aids that you need to add to your kit? Head over to her website, Fashion First Aid, and see what you need to add!

Thank you so much Kim for hosting and inviting us!

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